Wolfgang Baeck
Metaphor Technologies

Your support is awesome, I have only good experience with it.

chiu man kai
project manager
Basezero Limited

acccording to my work, I has been using telerik product almost 5yrs, as that process, I got a lot of problems, however the cs and the forum is full of document, let me easy to overcome it. also the asp.net mvc is impressed me, the lambda with the grid is wonderful.

Tamer Ismail
Software Developer

A very nice product that really save me at times I lost my old project backup and only have just exe.

Kirtan Patel
Sr. Software Engineer,
Parkway Corp

Our company like to use Telerik Controls Tools for Web and Windows projects. It provides rich UI with simple usability. I would recommend this tools to my friends and colleagues.

Bakr Odeh
UX Designer,

I used a beta version regarding the Progress Unite UX, it's so easy and very important for every designer and developer.

Dawid Botha
C# Developer

Amazing components that are visually pleasing easy to implement.

Sachin Patel
Sr. Software Programmer,
Dexoc Software Development

Telerik's components for ASP.NET is by far the best suites in the market place. I' have used Infragistics components for the last few years, and was never really confident about all the HTML spaghetti code. Telerik's component suite is a breath of fresh air. This has been very helpful. All our team is very impressed with your tools. Keep up the great work.

IT Support
Dr Rela Institute & Medical Centre

Nice Product


The control is very easy to use and the response from the support team is good.

gema manzorro

It is a very powerful tool for reporting. At the beginning it is very easy to use with simple report. For more difficult stuff, the user should undertand how the report is been printed because, if not, it is very difficult.

Matt Eland

I can vouch that Telerik components work even when the framework is used in highly unusual ways, such as powering the application with F# instead of C#. See my published article at https://killalldefects.com/2020/01/13/adding-telerik-controls-to-elmish-wpf-apps/ on this topic.

Daniel Betanzos

The use of telerik controls is very easy and fast to learn, apart from the fact that it has a greater customization than that offered by the .net controls

Shameer Ummer

This is very good product and am still using

Erin Dunnett
Lead Developer,

I have evaluated Telerik UI for Blazor along with MatBlazor's free library and Syncfusion's product for a new Blazor app. After extensive testing, we found that Telerik UI was the most fully functional and easy to use of the three. We found Syncfusion's data grid slower, and noticed a lot of unnecessary connections to the backend while running in Serverside mode. TelerikGrid did not have these problems, and the custom toolbars were easier to customize. When the client decided late in the game to abandon materials design in favor of Bootstrap-style controls, MatBlazor had to be removed entirely, but changing the Telerik controls to suit the change was a snap. Telerik UI for Blazor decreased our development time significantly and was a joy to use. I plan to use it in our next Blazor project as well.

Patrick Callaghan
Clinical Manager

Wonderfull simple design. Easy to manage codebase, lots of nice controls. Great support.

Kenny Hsieh
Utitech technology co., ltd.

Kendo ui for jquery is very easy to use, saving a lot of UI design time in development, and the API is flexible, and customer support is also very active.

nguyen mai
IT manager,
Sucafina SA

Your product is robust and powerful.

Eytan Gess
Senior Devloper,
howard county governemnt

great product

jean pierre HARCOURT

When I became interested in blazor I tested multiple products. Telerik was both the most advanced product and the easiest to use.

Software engineer,

We have been using KendoUi software solutions for frontend on asp.net web applications for more than 5 years and we are extremely satisfied with the tools they provide. The support is at a very good level. We will definitely continue to use KendoUI.


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